Frequently Asked Questions

What it is a Fuji Clean?

Fuji Clean's CE-1500EX is an advanced domestic wastewater treatment system (AWTS) that is suitable for a 10 person household. Using ground breaking technology, it is able to transform wastewater from all parts of the home into safe and recyclable effluent.

How does it work?

Through the ideal mix of anaerobic and aerobic conditions. The first two chambers in the system are anaerobic, the first acting as a sedimentation chamber separating the bulk solids from the incoming wastewater. The second anaerobic chamber provides further treatment using special filtration media which stimulates the growth of anaerobic bacteria allowing for further breakdown of the solids. It is only after these two stages does the effluent enter the aerobic stage of treatment. In this chamber aerobic conditions allow a different type of treatment process to occur. Here a particular type of contact media is used which has been developed through 50 years of continuous innovation and presents the ideal characteristics for the growth of aerobic bacteria which then digest the remainder of the waste.

Where does it come from?

The Fuji Clean treatment system is born in Japan. Its design is typically Japanese in the attention to detail and pursuit of excellence that can be seen in every feature of the system. The highly advanced treatment process is unique to Fuji Clean and is unmatched in its efficiency and performance. It has been borne out of necessity in Japan resulting from the need for a compact system because of serious space restrictions and also the need for safe effluent because of the lack of land for application of the effluent as is the case in Australia.

Are the systems manufactured in Australia?

Yes. The CE1500EX systems are manufactured here in Australia at a manufacturing facility in Coomera, South east of Queensland.

How do I install one?

Fuji Clean have an extensive network of fully accredited installers, selected because of their reputation and service. No matter where you based in Australia, we will have one close to you that can provide you with an obligation free quote. Contact us on 1300 733 619 to find out who's your local Fuji dealer.

What is the cost of a Fuji?

Despite being light years ahead in terms of our treatment technology, we are comparable in terms of price with all other systems. However the initial cost only tells half the story. As we have the most energy efficient blower on the market and because of the system's reliability installing a Fuji is definitely the more economic option. After installing over 2 million systems we have learned a thing or two about building a system and components that will not breakdown every other year causing untold amounts of visits from service men.

Does the Fuji Clean system smell? Is it noisy?

No and no. The Fuji Clean advanced treatment process ensures that even if you remove one of the coverings and look into the system you will not be greeted by any foul smell so you can be assured that both the system and the irrigated effluent will not cause any bad odour. The Fuji Clean Air Blower is the quietest blower on the market. Even when standing beside the system the blower's function is barely audible. This will ensure you can still enjoy some peace and quiet in your garden and can definitely ensure you won't be keeping the neighbours awake. The reason it is so quiet is because it is developed in Japan where in many cases the system is installed right beside a bedroom and thus a noisy blower would keep the occupants awake, so much thought and effort was put into ensuring its operation was as quiet as possible.

Can it deal with shock loads effectively?

Yes the system has been designed with what is called a Peak-cut System which can effectively deal with shock loadings. It manages a buffer capacity by varying the water level in the system regardless of the presence of any inflow.

What can and cannot be put in the system?

In reasonable quantities, normal household cleaning items such as bleaches and detergents can be used. However chemicals such as pesticides, paint thinners and motor oils cannot be put into the system. Other foreign materials such as sanitary napkins and nappies cannot be put into the system.

What type of irrigation is required?

Because of its superior treatment performance and effluent quality all types of irrigation are suitable for Fuji Clean systems. However depending on your location, your state or council requirements may favour one method of irrigation over another.