FujiClean’s Domestic product range is designed specifically for Australian Conditions, incorporating advanced Japanese treatment technology.

New model: FujiClean ACE1200

FujiClean has passed the AS1546.3 2017 standard with the new FujiClean ACE1200. This model is coming online around the country, and will eventually replace the CE1500EX. Stricter testing for the new standard was introduced, compared to AS1546.3/2008 and the ACE1200 passed Advanced Secondary treated effluent with flying colours. This unit is available in some states at the moment.
Please enquire as to the availability, and information in your State or Territory.

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The MAC80R-II and MAC100-RII are the most energy efficient domestic air blower available in Australia. The MAC-RII blower range is designed specifically for use in aerated wastewater treatment systems (suitable for use in all brands & models).

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FujiClean’s CE-1500EX Aerated Wastewater Treatment System is our standard domestic model. Approved for use in all states of Australia this systemcan treat up to 1500L per day (Equivalent to 10 persons). The CE-1500EX’s reliable and energy efficient treatment performance sets it apart from all other systems. The compact single tank design simplifies installation and reduces initial costs, making it the popular choice among wastewater system installers.

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