MAC-RII Commercial Air Blower

MAC-RII Commercial Air Blower

FujiClean’s commercial MAC-RII blower range are the industry’s quietest, most energy efficient and reliable air blower available.


Improves the performance of existing installations of all brands of domestic wastewater units.
Subject to the required air flow volume

Reduced running costs means ongoing cost savings for the client.
Producing next to no noise means the blower can be installed close to buildings and occupied areas.
Using proprietary diaphragm rubber, the MACRII air blower is designed to run 24/7 365 days a year without losing pressure.
Dual cylinder design reduces internal operating temperature.
A low operating temperature extends the life of MACRII Blowers & is backed by a 2year warranty. All consumable components (Gaskets, filters, diaphragms) are easily replaceable and eliminate the need to replace complete blower.
Over 1 million sold in Japan



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