PRESIDENT Kaichi Watanabe

We develop onsite wastewater treatment technology. We aim to be the number 1 company in this field, in the world .

To fulfil this mission, we focus on a natural self-cleaning process, making use of the natural power of microorganisms which is excellent for energy conservation. The largest volume of wastewater comes from daily household use and we place the greatest importance on this. The technology can be expanded to treat industrial organic wastewater as well. Pollution is not the only problem facing water supply. Many people in this world suffer from water shortage. Our technology can ameliorate the situation by providing various water recycling processes. By carrying out this mission, FujiClean will become a company whose value is recognised and applauded throughout the world. The ultimate goal of a company is to provide something the world needs while continuing to make a profit. The employees of FujiClean proudly pursue this task and receive rewards according to their contributions. FujiClean is a company who shares its output harmoniously with its employees and with a society as a whole.

Best Regards,
Kaichi Watanabe
Fuji Clean Australia Pty Ltd.


FujiClean is proud to be a member of AWA.
The AWA Operates independently and is Not for Profit (NFP).

The AWA plays an essential role in supporting the Australian water sector with the delivery of effective and sustainable water management practices.

The AWTA was formed in 2013 to represent the interests of the industry and its members.

As an AWTA member, FujiClean must comply with recognised standards for the manufacture of products and agree to abide by a code of conduct. The AWTA focuses on providing services in website & referrals, State divisions, Industry Representation Program, National Test Facility and Communication programmes.”


  • Established and founded Fuji Concrete Industries in Chiryu-shi, Aichi

    1961 February

    Established and founded Fuji Concrete Industries in Chiryu-shi, Aichi

  • 1969 May

    Opening of Miyoshi Manufacturing Plant, Aichi

  • Opening of Head Office building in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi

    1973 March

    Opening of Head Office building in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi

  • Changed name to Fuji Clean Co., Ltd.

    1974 May

    Changed name to Fuji Clean Co., Ltd.

  • 1980 October

    Opening of Iizuka Manufacturing Plant, Fukuoka

  • 1988 April

    Opening of Nasu Manufacturing Plant, Tochigi

  • 1989 September

    Built our current Head Office in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi

  • 1998 March

    Built the Institute for Water Environmental Study in Chiryu-shi, Aichi.

  • Fujiclean

    2008 January

    Established Fuji Clean Australia in Earlville, Queensland

  • 2009 May

    First system was installed in Cassowary Coast region, North Queensland.

  • 2009 October

    Started operations in New South Wales after acquiring state approval.

  • 2009 November

    Started operations in Northern Territory after acquiring state approval.

  • 2009 December

    Started operations in Western Australia after acquiring state approval.

  • 2009 December

    Started operations in South Australia after acquiring state approval.

  • Fujiclean

    2010 January

    Began manufacturing and assembling in Coomera, South-East Queensland

  • 2011 October

    Started operations in Victoria after acquiring state approval.

  • 2012 January

    Started operations in Tasmania after acquiring state approval


14th Environmental Awards – Japan

May 1985 Oustanding Achievement

WESTEC Awards – Japan

November 2003 Special Honourable Awards

31st Environmental Awards – Japan

June 2004 Minister of Environmental Award & Outstanding Achievement Award

JSIM Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards – Japan

June 2005 The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's director

Chunichi Industry Technology Awards – Japan

January 2006 Special Honorable Awards

Japan Water Awards

June 2008 Minister of Economy, Trade, and Infrastructure

Aichi Environmental Awards – Japan

February 2011 Silver Award

38th Environmental Award and Outstanding Achievement Awards – Japan

May 2011 Minister of Environmental Award