Our Goals

Improving Water treatment practices

Providing an advanced & reliable system allows our customers the peace of mind that all wastewater produced in their home is correctly treated preventing any risk of harm to their family and the environment.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Quite often the energy consumption of wastewater treatment systems is overlooked as companies are focusing on making sure their treated effluent quality is compliant. As FujiClean are committed to all aspects of a treatment system energy efficiency is also a priority. Incorporating energy efficiency into our product design has resulted in the creation of the lowest energy requirements of any Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS).

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Focus on Research and Development

Anticipating tomorrows needs today to preserve our water environment. FujiClean established the Institute for Water Environmental Study in 1998. This facility is utilised by FujiClean’s team of engineers and scientists for analysing treatment data and development of new products.

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