The FujiClean Story

Japanese Origins

In Japan, an onsite wastewater treatment system is known as a “Jokaso” (Joe-kah-so).
Before the Jokaso, Japan’s waterways suffered contamination due to unsatisfactory wastewater treatment being provided by basic septic systems. Polluted waterways and increasing demand for flushable toilets helped push the industry towards a higher standard of onsite wastewater treatment. The Japanese Government implemented standards that forced manufacturers to upgrade and develop their treatment processes and systems. The result was a single compact onsite wastewater treatment system that treats all household wastewater to a quality safe enough to discharge directly into the stormwater drainage system. (unlike Australia, Japan do not have the physical space for a Land application area.)

Fuji Clean Co Ltd. was established in 1961 and has continuously developed their range of wastewater treatment products over the past 50 years. To date FujiClean have installed over 2 million Jokaso and are the industry leader in Japan with a market share of 34%. Now operating globally (Asia, Australia, USA & EU) FujiClean are working towards providing everyone with access to the most reliable & cost effective system for onsite wastewater treatment. In 2006, the Japanese Ministry for Environment reported that nearly 11 million citizens were being serviced by Jokaso technology in Japan. As a market leader FujiClean continues to install 50,000+ systems per year.

FujiClean Australia Establishment

Penetrating the Australian wastewater market with an advanced treatment system outperforming all Australian standards.
An opportunity was identified by FujiClean to enter the Australian market offering an advanced system and to help the industry raise system performance standards. The Australian onsite wastewater industry has been tarnished due to the poor performance and lack of regulation of existing systems. After 10 years of operation in Australia FujiClean have cemented their position in the industry and continue to improve the perception of Australia’s onsite wastewater industry.

Fuji Clean Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Fuji Clean Co Ltd. Initially all systems were imported directly from Japan up until January 2010 when domestic system manufacturing commenced in Coomera, QLD. Commercial systems are still imported from Japan, with stock being held at Coomera, QLD and Perth, WA. Our most popular domestic model the CE-1500EX has gained approval in all states of Australia easily achieving the highest treatment class – Advanced Secondary with nutrient removal. This treatment class allows for the most effective use of recycled effluent. FujiClean products are made available through our distributor network that covers all regions in Australia. All distributors receive regular training and are accredited FujiClean agents – able to supply, install, service and maintain FujiClean systems.