Designed to treat large amounts of wastewater for a variety of applications.

CE Commercial STP

The CE Commercial range is a complete packaged treatment systemoffering a lightweight &compact solution to onsite wastewater treatment. Available in two sizes (CE4200 &CE6000), the CE commercial systems can be modulated to increase treatment capacity able to handle site growth and increased treatment requirements.

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PCN Commercial STP

FujiClean’s PCN Commercial range is the largest single tank treatment system we offer with up to 20,000L wastewater treatment capacity per day. The PCN is site specific engineered and can treat variable grades of wastewater. Minimised labour costs during installation and the most efficient energy requirements of any commercial STP, the PCN Commercial range is a cost-effective solution for projects that require long term, sustainable performance.

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MAC-RII Commercial Air Blower

FujiMAC’s commercial MAC-RII blower range are the industry’s quietest, most energy efficient and reliable air blower available. With two sizes available (MAC150 &MAC200) MAC Blowers are compatible with all brands of wastewater treatment systems. (All FujiClean systems are provided with the suitable sized MAC-RII Blower).

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