FujiClean Commercial Project – PCN20, K’Gari Campgrounds

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FujiClean Commercial Project

K’gari Campgrounds, Fraser Island

PCN20 STP Project

Australia receives its first PCN20 Sewerage Treatment Plant!


Earlier this year the largest single tank sewerage treatment plant offered by FujiClean Australia was installed at K’gari Campgrounds, Fraser Island.

Fraser Island – K’Gari (Paradise)

– Largest Sand Island in the world.

– World Heritage Listed.

– Has developed over 800,000 years.

– Over 100 freshwater lakes.

– Sand dunes reach 200m above sea level.

Fraser Island is known as K’gari (paradise) to the traditional owners of the land – the Butchulla people. The Butchulla people have inhabited Fraser Island for over 5,000 years, their way of life sees them live in harmony with the seasons and the land & sea. This lifestyle ables them to maintain a balance between spiritual, social and family connections.

Today the Butchulla people continue to walk the cultural pathway of their ancestors and pass their message of care and respect for the land to all who visit the island.

K’gari Campgrounds

K’gari Campground is located on the eastern side of the island 5 minutes north of Maheno Shipwreck.

The Maheno Shipwreck was washed ashore by a cyclone in 1935


The Campground has accommodation for up to 300 persons. An appropriate Sewerage Treatment Plant was required to treat the large amount of wastewater generated with minimal impact on the environment. Initially this was overlooked and the original system failed to provide the appropriate treatment. Temporary measures were put in place to service the site but due to the campgrounds remote location and limited access, these measures were extremely expensive.

FujiClean Accredited Agent – Wide Bay Wastewater Treatment Systems (WBWWTS) provided K’Gari Campgrounds with a permanent solution through the installation of a:

FujiClean PCN20 Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)

The PCN20 STP is FujiClean’s largest commercial system and has the ability to treat up to 20,000 litres of wastewater per day. The single tank design allows all wastewater to be safely processed inside each of the sealed chambers and only once treatment is complete the effluent is dispersed through an appropriate sized disposal (irrigation) field.







The Fluidised Media Filtration treatment process was engineered specifically for the PCN20. The process includes anaerobic and aerobic bacteria digestion to treat the wastewater. the bacterial growth is promoted by a variety of proprietary media that also act as a filter. All processes in the PCN20 STP are controlled via aeration therefore minimising the number of consumable components used inside the tank.

The Project

After winning the contract WBWWTS managed the complete installation. Ken’s (WBWWTS owner) local knowledge of the area and having previously installed domestic FujiClean systems on the island ensured a smooth installation as all challenges were taken into consideration.

Some of the challenges specific to this project were:

  • Transport – The system was loaded onto a truck that is setup for driving off-road. the truck fit comfortably on the barge to be carried from the mainland to the island. once on the island the system made the 1 hour journey along the beach to the project site.
  • Soil Type – Being an island the soil type was 100% sand. this required extra excavation to ensure the site was safe for the system to be installed. a concrete base was constructed to ensure the system had a level base and could be secured.
  • Site Access – The natural landscape did not allow site access for large machinery. more time for excavation, system placement and backfilling had to be allowed for. careful consideration was taken to ensure no damage to the natural environment or the system was caused during the duration of the project.

Finished Product

Not only is the PCN20 a robust and reliable treatment system it is also extremely energy efficient and the packaged layout simplifies the installation process. This provided the client with reduced installation time and expenses as well as a noticeable decrease in operational costs.

PCN20 STP – 3 months after installation.

Operating effectively and providing consistent high quality wastewater treatment in 75% less space than the previous failing system.

The Control box for the PCN20 is a standard inclusion and ensures all electrical components are housed correctly and system performance is maintained.

Best Regards,

Travis Gentle

National Dealer Support Manager


FujiClean Australia

‘Towards Clean Water’

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